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Durable Medical Equipment. (A-W). - Free Online Library


Park Surgical Co., Inc.: Brooklyn, NY


A1 Medical Supply

Medford, MA

Contact: Thomas Leoutsakos

Ph. (800) 854-4687

Fax (781) 306-1573

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Apollo Corporation

Somerset, WI

Contact: Nikki McMartin

Ph. (800) 247-5490

Fax (715) 247-3424

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Aqua Bath Company, Inc.

Nashville, TN

Contact: Mike Marcinek

Ph. (615) 227-0017

Fax (615) 227-9446

E-mail: aquabath@bellsouth.net

Web: www.aquabath.com

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Recent Developments Of China Die & Mould Industry Overview And Trends - Mold - Machine Tool

After the "15" period and the "Eleventh Five-Year," the first two years of high growth (average annual growth rate of the seven years up to 18%), due by the international financial crisis, the second half of 2008, China mold industrial growth has obviously slowed down, resulting in full year 2008, total sales and mold growth year on year fall into the single digits, only 9.2% of the total is about 95 billion yuan or so. In 2009, the development of further delay, estimated annual sales of mold can only close to 100 billion yuan, while difficult to break through, basically flat or increased slightly last year. National GDP growth is indisputable 9 Paul 8, it seems Paul is sure of eight, then d

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Business & Financial News, U.S & International Breaking News

May 10 (Reuters) - Atrion Corp ::Atrion reports first quarter results.Q1 earnings per share $5.36.Q1 revenue $38.5 million versus $36.2 million.

4:30pm EDT

May 10 (Reuters) - Transenterix Inc ::Transenterix Inc reports operating results for the first quarter 2017.Q1 loss per share $0.13.Q1 earnings per share view $-0.12 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Q1 revenue $1.9 million versus I/B/E/S view $1.6 million.Says as a net result of combined financings,...

4:05pm EDT

May 10 (Reuters) - Trovagene Inc :Trovagene announces first quarter 2017 company highlights and financial results.Q1 loss per share $0.32.

4:05pm EDT

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Business & Financial News, U.S & International Breaking News

May 9 (Reuters) - Delcath Systems Inc :Delcath announces first quarter 2017 financial results.Q1 loss per share $0.25.Q1 revenue rose 100 percent to $740,000.Delcath systems - anticipates cash remaining in controlled accounts after transaction will be sufficient to fund operating activities through...

8:00am EDT

May 9 (Reuters) - Volitionrx Ltd ::Volitionrx limited announces final results from 8000 patient clinical trial in Denmark to evaluate the performance of its nu.q(tm) triage test.Volitionrx Ltd - have successfully completed key clinical milestone in launch of nu.q(tm) triage product.

7:30am EDT

May 9 (Reuters) - Antares Pharma Inc : :Antares Pharma reports first quarter 2017 operating and financial results.Q1 revenue $12 million versus I/B/E/S view $12.3 million.Q1 loss per share $0.03.Q1 earnings per share view $-0.03 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

7:00am EDT

May 9 (Reuters) - Henry Schein Inc :Henry Schein reports record first quarter financial results.Sees fy 2017 earnings per share $7.17 to $7.30.Q1 gaap earnings per share $1.76.Q1 sales $2.9 billion versus I/B/E/S view $2.84 billion.Q1 earnings per share view $1.65 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Qtrly...

7:00am EDT

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Medical Equipment Leasing Canada by Stan Prokop

Medical Equipment Leasing is a specialized type of financing in Canadian business. When you're firm or medical practice requires specialized medical equipment it is important for you to achieve the proper rates, terms, and structures that meet the needs of your business in relation to the asset you are acquiring.

If you have leased medical equipment before you already know that it makes great economic sense - in essence you are matching the cash outflows of leasing , i.e. the monthly payments, to the anticipated useful life and benefits of the asset being required .

Many of our clients are also pleased to hear, sometimes for the first time, that a number of other costs associated with leasing can also be bundled into the lease - not the least of which is any software associated with your equipment purchase.

Although medical equipment leasing can be called a somewhat specialized type of financing we would point out that all of the traditional benefits of leasing still apply to your medical medical equipment South Africa equipment lease transaction. These include:

- Different rates and terms and structures are available based on your firms overall size and credit quality

- You clearly are using the equipment to generate services revenue and profit - these will be realized over time so it makes sense to spread out your payments over time

- All business these days are about cash flow, so the ability to eliminate or reduce down payments and include soft costs such as installation, service, maintenance, etc are great lease benefits

- From a timing perspective most leases can be approved in a matter of a few business days with proper application material in place0 i.e. business info, financials, etc - Payment is of course made directly to your vendor

- Your firm may have other sources of financing which therefore remain available for you to utilize for general business purposes

- Current market rates are very favorable and lease financing allows you to upgrade equipment or acquire newer more expensive technologies at a fraction of the cash outlay when competed to purchasing.

Billions of dollars of medical equipment are leased each year and you should ensure you are working with a trusted, credible and experienced medical leasing advisor to ensure you have the acquisition financing in place that you need.

Medical equipment covers a wide variety of assets, so Canadian business owners and financial managers should clearly understand that all assets can be financed - some major asset categories include analyzer's scanners, surgical equipment, x-ray machines, ultrasounds, etc. The bottom line is that if our firm or practice needs the equipment you should realize you have financing solutions in place.

Many clients gain both a competitive edge as well as an economic edge in utilizing lease financing for medical equipment - it's a simple case of working smarter with new technologies.

Explore your medical equipment leasing options and you will have a strong comfort level around asset acquisition and future success for your fir/practice.

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Apartheid's Mental Diseases - No Educative Health System-Mental Health Decline Of African South Africans Under The ANC

Wilson captured the essence of what this hub is going to be about succinctly when he stated: "People who manipulate the past and present manipulate one's mentality, sanity,contact with reality and the ability to deal with reality. In other words, the manipulation of history creates real effects in the individual personality. Our history by not being taught to us correctly ensures that our potential will be forever undeveloped as a people and that we will not challenge those who rule over us. Intellectual structures and powers are undeveloped when we suffer from Amnesia; they are restricted and alienated.

Some of my black students say, "Hey, I know nothing about Black History; but I kn

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Business & Financial News, U.S & International Breaking News

Coltene Holding AG : Acquires Diatech LLC . New business will increase consolidated sales of coltene group by approximately 1.5 million Swiss francs ($1.52 million) .Parties have agreed not to disclose acquisition price.

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 01:15pm EDT

Jiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co Ltd :Says it scraps asset restructuring, trading in shares to resume on March 27.

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 04:31am EDT

Cytori Therapeutics Inc : Cytori reports fourth quarter and full year 2016 business and financial results . Q4 loss per share $0.24 . Q4 earnings per share view $-0.23 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S . Cytori Therapeutics - Expects 2017 operating cash burn to be higher than 2016, primarily due to...

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 04:25pm EDT

Spineguard SA :FY net loss EUR 4.2 million ($4.53 million)versus loss of EUR 3.9 million year ago.

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 01:00pm EDT