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Coltene Holding AG : Acquires Diatech LLC . New business will increase consolidated sales of coltene group by approximately 1.5 million Swiss francs ($1.52 million) .Parties have agreed not to disclose acquisition price.

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 01:15pm EDT

Jiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co Ltd :Says it scraps asset restructuring, trading in shares to resume on March 27.

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 04:31am EDT

Cytori Therapeutics Inc : Cytori reports fourth quarter and full year 2016 business and financial results . Q4 loss per share $0.24 . Q4 earnings per share view $-0.23 -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S . Cytori Therapeutics - Expects 2017 operating cash burn to be higher than 2016, primarily due to...

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 04:25pm EDT

Spineguard SA :FY net loss EUR 4.2 million ($4.53 million)versus loss of EUR 3.9 million year ago.

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 01:00pm EDT

3 days ago

Durable medical equipment. - Free Online Library


ARJO, Inc.

Roselle, IL

Contact: Amy McCaw

Ph. (800) 323-1245 Fax (888) 594-2756



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Cambridge, MD

Contact: Sandy Conn

Ph. (800) 866-1156 Fax (410) 228-6403



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Carstone Seating & Bariatrics

Somerset, KY

Contact: Sales Department

Ph. (888) 863-9543 Fax (606) 451-9234



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Dale Medical Pr

3 days ago

Medical Device Sales Jobs: The Most Important Success Factor

I have been involved with medical device sales job slightly over 3 years. That makes my total experience in this industry spans slightly over 12 years; with the rest are spent in pharmaceutical sales. In a glance, there probably is nothing different between these two segments of the industry but my experience tells me otherwise. There is no guarantee that a success in one segment is enough to catapult a person to stellar success in the other.

And that is the reason why I am writing this article. I am going to show you the single most important success factor for medical devices sales reps.

Before I can tell you that, allow me to tell you the main difference between pharmaceutical and device selling; based on a decade of experience. It can be summarized with this sentence: the sale for device sales reps starts when the customer says YES! The actual selling took place after a purchase is made. Unlike pharmaceutical sales, once a deal is consummated, there is a little that reps need to do.

That brings us to the main point: the most important success factor for medical devices sales jobs is after sales services. They come in the form of troubleshooting, maintenance advice and continuous training. These become more critical in institutional set-up compared to individual user.

Let me put you through an example:

When a customer agrees to rent or purchase a chemistry analyzer, for example, it is the rep job with the help of service engineer to install and make sure the machine runs properly. They need to make the necessary arrangement and preparation to bring in the analyzer. For that matter, they need to renovate the customers place or make some modifications before installing the hardware.

Right after that, the rep needs to coordinate with company's application specialist to set the program to the customer needs. When everything has been set, then users need to be trained on how to operate it accordingly. This can takes a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the machine.

And the real job starts right after that. When customers get their hands on the device, there are bound to be problems. More often than not, the area that requires the usage of the machine is the busiest area and it could not wait longer than a few hours to get everything back to working condition or in their words; short 'turn around time'.

Can you guess who is in the front line for such task? Ask any pharmaceutical reps whether they have been called to the front line if the healthcare provider wrongly dispensed their product. Hardly!

Twist it however you like but after sales service is the most important success factor for medical devices sales reps. I can testify to that.

4 days ago

Research and Markets: The Top 50 European Manufacturers of Dental Implants

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (

has announced the addition of the "The

Top 50 European Manufacturers of Dental Implants" report to their



Top 50 European Manufacturers of Dental Implants

Tooth replacement is one of the most attractive markets in healthcare

and offers attractive potential for sustainable, profitable growth.

Despite the recessive global economy witnessed in 2008 and 2009, the


6 days ago

Hospitals Report Thefts by Patients Stealing TVs, Linens

Stuck in the hospital and not sure what you will pick up for your kid's birthday or how you will get it? If you were one of the less ethical patients, you might grab the heart monitor you're hooked up to.

Hospital consultant Jack Parker said he ran into a situation with a patient who took that tact while working with a hospital several years ago.

With a $1,000 heart monitor missing, the physician actually called the patient, who was adamant that she did not know where it had gone. The physician drove to the house.

"When he rapped on the door, the son came to the door, and guess what he had in his hand? The monitor," said Parker.

At a time when hospital expenditure

6 days ago

Radiation protection and the safe use of X-ray equipment: laws, regulations and responsibilities.

Background. South Africa's regulatory framework for

electromagnetic medical devices has come under considerable criticism.

Here it is reviewed in terms of how it has given form to protective

measures against ionising radiation. The Hazardous Substances Act

provides for effective protection against radiation, but has been

undermined by poor administration and uncertainty about regulations and

licensing conditions. The legal weight of enforcing licensing conditions

through a website without proper consultation with all parties concerned

is questionable and ineffective. Effective and legal radiation control

is possible by activating

6 days ago

Competitive Dynamics in the South African Medical Imaging Market

CAPE TOWN, South African--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Healthcare group at Frost & Sullivan (

is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its first quarter analyst

briefing on the South African Medical Imaging Market on 30

January 2008 at 2pm GMT / 4pm CAT.

Medical imaging devices last for eight to 15 years, which has allowed

the incumbent manufacturers and distributors to maintain their market

share through brand awareness and value-added services. Product

innovations are however emerging at a tremendous pace and many companies

are choosing to upgrade more frequently to keep up with these


Top brands operating in South Africa such as GE, Philips, Siemens often

utilise the services of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who

build to their specifications in low-cost hubs in Asia and Eastern

Europe. However, many of these OEM companies are also releasing products

under their own brands based on design and manufacturing experience

gained while performing such work. These companies are part of a small,

but rapidly expanding secondary tier of suppliers. Some, like Shimadzu

(in X-Ray devices), Medison (in Ultrasound), and Toshiba (across the

board) have already gained substantial market medical equipment South Africa trust and are now part of

the mainstream.

This briefing will benefit both consumers and distributors wanting to

understanding the developing trends for medical imaging devices. It will

highlight market drivers and restrains, and the dynamics of this growing


"Increasing technical innovations for medical devices are spurring sales

and diversification," notes Frost & Sullivan

Research Analyst Gavin Chait. "There is a rump

of highly sophisticated products available, but also a long tail of

cheaper but less capable competitors. The result is a concentration of

purchasing at the top end by large hospital groups and key buyers who

demand guarantees of stability and support, while at the lower end

customers are willing to purchase less sophisticated devices, with less

support, for a significantly lower price."

Those interested in participating in this interactive teleconference

should send an email to Patrick Cairns - Corporate Communications at

with the following information: full name, company name, title,

telephone number, e-mail address, city, state and country. The

registration details will be emailed to you upon receipt of the above


Frost & Sullivan, the Global Growth Consulting Company,

partners with clients to accelerate their growth. The company's Growth

Partnership Services, Growth Consulting and Career Best Practices

empower clients to create a growth focused culture that generates,

evaluates and implements effective growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan

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